The Claim Process

Cordo Claims Group Will Meet You At Your Home Or Business

  • Cordo Claims Group will meet you at your home or business and collect and review a copy of your policy and any past estimates or correspondence if your claim was underpaid or denied.
  • Our public adjuster will complete an inspection of your property, including photos, and prepare a detailed estimate and sketch to make sure every aspect of your claim is documented.

We Will Open Your Claim

  • We will open your claim, request an inspection or re-inspection date with your insurance company. We will also provide them with our contact information so that they correspond only through us.
  • Cordo Claims Group will let you know if you need to get any repair estimates or replacement cost proposals.
  • Our public adjuster will meet with the insurance company adjuster at your property to review your claim.
  • We will negotiate with your insurance company to properly indemnify your claim.

Cordo Claims Will Review Any Settlement With You

  • Cordo Claims Group will review any settlement offer with you. We will always ask if you agree with the settlement before accepting any final offers and will not close the claim until you approve.
  • Cordo Claims Group will work with your insurance company to get your checks distributed to you in a timely fashion.


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