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“My house was devastated by Hurricane Ian. In a very distressing my time, my wife and I were introduced to Mr. Cordo. He immediately made a difference for us. Mr. Cordo drove 2 hours that first day to meet with us and helped us make progress on rebuilding our home. Mr. Cordo, his president, and his team really care about their clients. My wife and I are grateful to be counted as their clients.”
– Bill Golden
Walker Contracting Group
"Cordo Claims did a fantastic job helping me with my insurance claims after the hurricane. Tommy went out of his way numerous times meeting with inspectors, engineers etc. I can not thank them enough."
– Joseph Russo
“We were extremely pleased with Cordo Claims Group and especially with our adjuster, Tom. They worked tirelessly to assist us after Hurricane Ian damaged our home to ensure that we received all the funds necessary to repair our home and return it to pre-hurricane condition. Wish we could give them 10 stars!! Thank you, Jose, Giselle and Tom!!”
– JJ
“Cordo Claims navigated us through the entire insurance claim process. They were always professional and kept us up to date throughout the entire process. We have recommended them to all of our friends and family and they have all had similar experiences. 10/10 would highly recommend!”
– Rolando Martinez
“Thanks to Cordo Claims, I was able to remodel the kitchen and make my roof new. I really appreciate this company a lot because they are excellent people and they are always trying to help their clients with everything. I had never attempted any of this until I met this company. They also never stop until they get you the best offer. Amazing company by far, recommend to all!”
– Jakeline Perez
“Okay, everyone I am a million percent happy with Christopher, my public adjuster who helped me through the hurricane last year. He has helped me with all my insurance claims. He got me what my family needed to get our house back in shape. And in order to where me and my family can be happy in our new remodeled home. Without Christopher, we wouldn't be able to fight the Insurance Company. He did an amazing and beyond job with all of this. I trust him. I recommend him. A million percent I totally recommend you guys. If you need a public adjuster, Christopher is the go to person a million percent. We love him, my kids love him. All hands down if you need him, please call him for claims he will always answer the phone. I promise you you will be a million percent happy with him and his company. Christopher, you're the bomb and you're awesome. You're amazing, I can't say enough about you. And if we have another hurricane and my house got destroyed, you will be the first I will call a million percent. Christopher, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. We love you so much, you are the best ever.”
– Karen Bennett
“I had the pleasure of working with Tommy, a highly skilled public insurance adjuster, and I cannot express enough how impressed I am with his professionalism and expertise. Tommy's dedication to his clients is unmatched, and his commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes is evident in every step of the process. From the moment I contacted Tommy, he displayed exceptional communication and responsiveness. He took the time to thoroughly explain the insurance claims process, ensuring that I was well-informed and comfortable throughout. Tommy's attention to detail and meticulous approach in assessing and documenting the damages were truly impressive. What sets Tommy apart is his unwavering advocacy for his clients. He navigated the complex world of insurance policies and negotiations with a level of expertise that left me in awe. His ability to maximize the settlement while keeping my best interests at heart was remarkable. Tommy's dedication to fighting for a fair and just resolution is a testament to his integrity. Furthermore, Tommy's positive attitude and compassionate nature made a challenging situation much more bearable. He provided emotional support and reassurance, which went above and beyond my expectations. His genuine care for his clients is truly remarkable. In conclusion, I cannot recommend Tommy enough as a public insurance adjuster. He is not just a professional, but a true advocate who is dedicated to securing the best outcomes for his clients and has even become a great friend. If you find yourself in need of a public adjuster, Tommy is the person you want by your side. Thank you, Tommy, for your exceptional service and unwavering commitment to your clients' well-being. You have made a lasting positive impact on my life, and I am sincerely grateful for your expertise and support.”
– Jessica Fig
“Cordo Claims Group is very efficient and professional. They have a lot of experience and knowledge in what they do. Jose Luis explained the whole process to me and represented me before the insurance. I received a positive response from the insurance very quickly. Thank you very much for your help. I do recommend Cordo Group!!!”
– Heidy Chavez
“I highly recommend Jose Luis Cordo for anyone seeking a skilled and knowledgeable public adjuster. Throughout our professional interactions, Jose Luis has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the insurance industry and a commitment to providing outstanding service to clients. What sets Cordo Claims apart is their exceptional communication skills, which enable them to navigate complex claims with ease and keep clients informed every step of the way. They are also extremely detail-oriented and analytical, allowing them to uncover critical details that others may overlook. Overall, I believe that Jose Luis would be an excellent asset to any homeowner or organization in need of a top-notch public adjuster. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking expert guidance and support in navigating the often-challenging world of insurance claims.”
– Millie Varela
“I highly recommend Cordo Claims Group for all your insurance claim needs. Jose Luis, Giselle, and the rest of team are very knowledgeable on the claims process and will make sure to be there every step of the way. Thank you Cordo Claims Group!”
– Darbel Gonzalez
“We cannot express enough how grateful we are to Cordo Claims Group for their exceptional service. Dealing with a mold issue resulting from a leak in our home was a daunting challenge, but Cordo Claims Group's professionalism and dedication made all the difference. Their team demonstrated expertise in advocating on our behalf with the insurance company. From the very beginning, they were responsive and proactive, ensuring that our case was handled efficiently and effectively. The peace of mind they provided during this stressful time was invaluable. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of a Licensed Public Adjustor. Thank you, Giselle & Jose, for going above and beyond to help us through a challenging situation. We couldn't be happier with the outcome!”
– Susanne & Jerry B.
“Cordo Claims Group is very efficient and professional! They were amazing to work with. Jose and Gigi were very informative with the whole process and explained everything. Thank you very much for your help. I do recommend Cordo Group!!”
– Jasmine Guerra
“My husband and I highly recommend Cordo Claims Group. We went through Hurricane Ian and Jose Cordo stepped in and took over all the work with the insurance company. We did nothing. At first, the insurance company paid their payment that they thought we "deserved". Mr. Cordo knew it was not enough and fought for us. He and his wife really did a lot of work between paperwork and meeting the adjusters two or three times. We ended up with double the amount. We would NEVER have gotten the second check without them. We cannot thank them enough and hope anyone reading this will call them. They were a true blessing to us.”
– Bunnie Mill
“I have two properties and I have done my claims one of the two with Jose and his team Chris and Gigi. They are a delight to work with. I can give them the problem and they work it out for me beautifully. They definitely return the highest amount with ease and completely worry free because they are on the ball with every step and detail. Thank you, Cordo Claims Group, for your help throughout the years!”
– Jennifer Abreu
“What can I say about Jose Luis Cordo? This Public Adjuster is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to navigating the frustrating world of insurance claims. I recently had the pleasure of working with him and his team and cannot recommend this professional enough. He is very serious about helping people in crisis. From the outset, this public adjuster was extremely informative, providing me with a thorough understanding of the claims process and offering guidance on how to proceed. He and his team were able to negotiate with my insurance company and secure a settlement that was truly remarkable - one that I would not have been able to receive on my own. Mr. Cordo was communicative, passionate, professional, and personable. I felt completely at ease working with him, knowing that my best interests were always his top priority.”
– Joseph Dobkin
“Cordo Claims Group was an awesome company to use for ALL your claim needs! They went above and beyond to help me with my claims! I was informed during the process and was in communication with them thorough out the claim! If you need an Adjuster, don't hesitate!! Call Cordo Claims Group!!”
– Dino Caponi
“Chris Sarabia was my claims adjuster and he is amazing at his profession! This process would not have been possible without the incredible help from Chris at Cordo Claims Group! Chris and staff basically did all the footwork! All staff, office, etc. were great! Chris went out of his way to ensure that our family was comfortable and that we understood the claims process. Chris was able to request the funds to repair our damages due to Hurricane Ian and our family is very grateful.”
– David LeBlanc
“Jose was a pleasure to work with. As a law firm that litigates underpaid or denied insurance claims we work with many public adjusters...some better than others. Jose is definitely one of the best. He was extremely well-versed and handled each and every claim with compassion and the utmost professionalism. I truly look forward to working on claims with Jose and his team again!”
– Asher Mellul
“Thank you to Cordo Claims Group for your dedicated support and guidance. You were a champion for me and my family throughout the roof insurance claim and helped guide us in every step of the process. Thank you for making this stressful event feel very easy. I will safely keep your contact and share it with anyone who can benefit from your services.”
– Guiovani Caceros
“The most professional, ethical, compassionate and upstanding adjusters! Cordo Claims (every single person on staff) NEVER let us down in what was for us a VERY stressful time.”
– Victoria Balsera
“Fantastic Public Adjusters. Very professional team with exceptional attention to detail. It is a delight to work with Cordo Claims. Highly recommended to anyone that needs assistance navigating through the complexities of a property insurance claim.”
– Mario Molina
“Jose is a great advocate to have on your side. After getting a fair amount of damage after one of the many hurricanes that hit South FL, I felt like my insurance company wasn't being fair with me. Jose reviewed my entire claim and was able to find significant errors & omissions by the company. The end result was a very nice supplemental claim check. I will continue to recommend Jose to family and friends.”
– David J. Klein
“We had a Cast Iron Pipe problem in our home that was causing major backup in our showers. We contacted Cordo Claims and they were quick to come by and see the issue. After we put in our insurance claim, the insurance company came back with a ridiculously low settlement offer that would not even cover a fraction of all the work that we needed to do with the plumbing alone. Cordo Claims fought for us to get the money we needed to replace our plumbing and do the repairs associated with removing the plumbing. They are so professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking about putting a claim with an insurance company. The insurance companies will never agree to pay what you are entitled to unless you fight and know the ins and outs of this industry. Leave it to professionals! Leave it to Cordo Claims!”
– Madelyn Vidal
“Jose Cordo and his team are extremely professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled in conducting property appraisal and damage-related inspections. I highly recommend their services.”
– S. Antonio Jimenez
“Cordo Claims is a very friendly, communicative, and helpful company. I am very happy with my experience working with them.”
– Maria Ruiz
“I had such a wonderful experience working with Gonzalo, Jose, and Giselle. They were always on top of my insurance claim and made sure to stay in communication with me. The desk adjuster assigned from my insurance company was extremely difficult to work with and Jose and Giselle handled everything professionally. I highly recommend using Cordo Claims Group!”
– Jamie Gonzalez
“The man is very knowledgeable and well-grounded with experience... trust him with your claim and follow his advice and you will do well.”
– Mario Espino
“Cordo Claims helped us during the Hurricane Ida aftermath. Our insurance company was unresponsive and basically ignored our request for help during this very difficult time. Cordo Claims came in and did their own inspection on our home and found damage the insurance adjuster did not see or didn't want to document. We had never experienced a catastrophe of this kind and they surely help us step by step. Mr. Jose Cordo, Ms. Giselle Cordo and Chris were wonderful in answering our questions and returning our calls. Give them a call so that they can help”
– Evelyn Sarabia
“Cordo Claim Services provided my family with 30% more money than if I would have done it on my own. They are extremely knowledgeable, professsional and friendly to deal with. We highly recommend them and will use them in the future!!!
– Andy Sotolongo
“When I called Cordo Claims Group I got a quick response and was visited by a claims adjustor the next day. He was very thorough, and made sure that everything that was covered by my insurance was included in the claim. The claim was processed quickly and accepted by the insurance company. I had my money within 30 days, now all the repairs are done and I have Cordo Claims Group to thank for.”
– Camilo M. Jaime
“From beginning to end, the Cordo team is at your service. They are prompt, explain the entire process, and always ensure the job is done correctly. We appreciate everything they did during our claims process.”
– Em Hey-Bi
“Great work, Honest and Trustworthy. He knows how to get the proper compensation on any given claim.”
– Ricardo Oliver
“Both Jose & Giselle were wonderful throughout the entire process of our claim. They took care of every detail for us & assured we received the factual amount for our home damaged/loss. We highly recommend Cordo Claims Group, very professional & trustworthy. Thank you guys!”
– Gabriel Hernandez
“I contacted Cordo Claims Group after several great recommendations. I was beyond happy with their service from beginning to end. Plus, I was extremely happy with my settlement. I highly recommend José Cordo and his team.”
– Rolano Rivera
“We have used Cordo Claims Group for several claims and they exceeded our expectations each time. Their service from start to finish is second to none. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get everything they are owed under their policy when dealing with an insurance claim.”
– Susie Estevez
“Jose is very reliable and capable in his line of work. I have worked with him as a business partner for 5 years.”
– Abraham Morejon
“Cordo was a true professional. He was clear about the process and what to expect. The claims process was smooth and he was able to get us exactly what we needed to repair our damages. We definitely recommend him and his company.”
– Brigitte Donado
“I’ve been working with Cordo Claims for over 10 years and strongly recommend them. Jose Cordo guides you through the insurance claim process and is honest and upfront when a claim is not feasible for the client.”
– Sharon Crisostomo
“I met Jose Cordo through a mutual friend after Hurricane Irma. His professionalism and ability to respond to my questions with honesty were very important in signing him up as an adjuster for my business. Thank you Jose.”
– Yazmin Acocella
“Cordo Claims group was awesome! They are very professional and efficient. I will recommend to anyone who is looking for a claims adjuster.”
– Jessica Hernandez
“Mr. Cordo promptly took my call and scheduled an appointment. Met with me and was very professional. His company provided excellent customer service.”
– Felix Leon
“Jose has helped us with two claims, and is presently helping my mother-in-law. He is professional, knowledgeable and prompt. We highly recommend him.”
– Barbara Hitchcock
“The team at Cordo Claims was absolutely amazing. They explained every step in detail and made me fell much better about my insurance claim. Thank you.”
– Derrik Kallabat
“Jose Luis Cordo is professional, well trained in his field and I trust him completely with my family, friends and clients. No matter the severity of the claim he is very thorough and provides clear and concise opinions. I highly recommend him for all your public insurance claim needs.”
– Mary Percorino
“Highly recommended! Easy to work with and they kept me well informed of every aspect of my case. I felt like the professionals I dealt with were cordial and well prepared.”
– Elaine Rodriguez
“I had an amazing experience with Jose. He came out and helped me take care of the mold that was growing in my kitchen!”
– Peter Rhodes
“Jose and his team are the best around! Everything handled in a timely manner with success. Highly recommended!”
– Alfredo Tico
“I highly recommend them. Very professional and their response and follow up was incredible. Thank you Gigi and Jose for an incredible job. A very happy customer.”
– Michele Ponce
“Chris made my first time using a public adjuster extremely easy. I recommend him and the entire Cordo Claims team.”
– Gerson Torres
“I find Mr. Cordo to be highly knowledgeable and detail-oriented when it comes to his work. I would recommend him to anyone with no reservations.”
– Jose Paredes
“Chris did a great job handling my claim. I was extremely satisfied! 10/10 recommend.”
– Karla Berrios
“José and Giselle are a perfect team, professional and very kind. We are happy to hire them.”
– Carlos Bolano
“Totally recommend this public adjusting group! Chris handled my claim very professionally and was very helpful and responsive throughout the whole process, very knowledgeable adjuster.”
– Kimberly Grajales
“Jose is very professional and fights for your case. Highy recommend Jose to do your claim as he gets the job done.”
– Edward Calix
“Very professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. They really work for you to have good results.”
– Mrs. Veloz
“Very efficient , gets the job done! 🙏😊”
– Nadia Cherubin
“Excellent. Very professional and helpful.”
– Elisa Vidal
“I am very grateful to Cordo Claims Group. Your service is exceptional!”
– Yolanda Aponte
“I contacted Cordo Claims about water damage in my home on a Tuesday afternoon and Jose and Gigi were at my house the following day. They reviewed my policy, took photos, and walked us through the process. The claim was submitted later that afternoon and I received a call from the insurance company the following day. Jose and Gigi took care of everything, they were there when the adjuster came to inspect the damage. Jose took care of answering all of his questions. The entire process took about 20-30 min. I had a check from the insurance company within a month of submitting the claim. My husband and I were worried since we've heard stories of how difficult it could be to submit a claim and get paid. This was honestly the smoothest/best interaction with an insurance company we've ever had (auto/home/health). Jose and Gigi were absolutely amazing! Would highly recommend the Cordo Claims Group!”
– Virginia Gonzalez
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“Jose, it was a pleasure working with and your office regarding the damages to our home. Thanks to you, we were able to resolve our claim with the insurance carrier and collect our money FAST AND EFFICIENTLY! Highly recommend Jose and his team!!! Jose and his team have helped my family out over the years with multiple claims. His attention to detail, from the initial walk thru with us, then the insurance inspector and closing the final payment, seemed seamless and quick. I will highly recommend Jose and his team to anyone having insurance claims in order to maximize their payout!!”
– Andy Sotolongo
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